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New Song En Route

2012-09-03 14:42:00 by WingoWinston

Just started making a new song with a cello riff I had set aside a few weeks ago. This song is very... "Hans Zimmerish". So far I've only written 21 bars of the score and only for the viola, cello and French Horn parts, but even so with that little done it is still sounding pretty fantastic.

I'm going to try and really focus on building a nice percussion part. I've been really weak in that aspect of composition so this time I'm going to try and rectify that. This will end up being a fairly orchestral piece so I'm feeling it may take a while to complete. In the meanwhile I may break from it to squeeze in some basic loops... I have a couple of songs and sweet chord progressions flowing in my head.

I hope this song will earn me a little more audio cred. So far Hermit's Anger has done me well this year, but I'd like to step it up with this one hopefully successful composition.

I'll leave this post on a note thanking other fellow composers on their reviews, feedback, and votes, and my small but all important fan base. Each time I get a new fan I always feel a little more inspired to put in a bit of extra effort in to my hobby.



BONUS: Here is a hilarious picture of yours truly

New Song En Route


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2012-09-04 02:22:09

looking forward to it! HIGH HOPES.

WingoWinston responds: