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Currently making my first lyrical song

2013-09-05 23:05:14 by WingoWinston


I'm making my first lyrical song. Very much stylized to a Fantasy/Medieval Feel. It will tell a story, one I am still in the process of making, but to of which I already know the end. Although I am somewhat capable of singing myself I would much rather a female (and an actual decent singer) to sing the part.

I would provide a pdf with notes, lyrics, and also a midi or mp3 of the melody. So if you happen to read this and think you have a voice for the part then I would love to hear it. I would send you the first stanza and you can send me back a recording. Then when it's done we can have an internet high five and bathe in the respect of our comrades.

However, if no ones sees this then I will likely post it somewhere in the collab type area. I'm hoping when someone sees the lyrics/hears the song they will be intrigued enough to do me this boon. Anyhow, hope school is going well for everyone, I had my first day of the year today. Ended up going to the wrong classroom because there was a room switch, and I missed my Numerical Analysis class, instead I sat in on a Econometrics class and decided to not leave out of pure awkwardness. I learnt little as econometrics is like an applied second year honours math/comp course.

Anyhow, if you interested please PM me or e-mail me. There will probably also be a reward, like a picture of my shins or my wrist.



P.S Enjoy my beard.

Currently making my first lyrical song


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2013-09-06 16:52:55

Omg, a Wingo is gonna sing! Apocalypse!

WingoWinston responds:

I "might" sing. We shall see lol.


2013-09-30 17:54:12

Talking about singing, I'm going to do rapping too.

How far is your choral work? (hehe)

WingoWinston responds:

From from over! lol