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Prime. Everything you make to me is prime. Even when it's garbage, still AAA+ Australian Grade Beef.

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

ha ha cheers

Loved this a lot!

It's so much fun to imagine what they did after this short ended. *Hint*

Also was this animation in Quebec? Assuming from the poutine restaurant, maple leaf, and hockey jerseys haha.

I've noticed you're really in to a whole "hair thing". Pretty fantastic.

I could see there being an increase in the quality of the animation (aesthetics and some smoothing) and in your audio as well, but that doesn't really detract from the comedy or entertainment as a whole.

Thank you for another "hair-raising" animation.

WooleyWorld responds:

When it's in your name it's difficult not to be.

Just keep watching, each animation is slowly improving in quality.
"Hair-raising"... gettttouutta here. Haha.

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The computer AI is a little sad. The game is very simple. A valiant effort though.

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Simple and sweet. A very cool idea, I had a lot of fun.

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I really like the art style and the gameplay mechanics. My biggest issues are no aims or goals and the tiny, tiny, screen. Of course a few CTRL+"+" solves that though. Also music can't hurt. Still like the game though.

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makeshiftRADIO responds:

Thanks for the feedback! At the time even this much was considered an achievement due to our noobery. Thanks again!

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I definitely hear the Steven Universe in this.

Well done.

TriXeL responds:

Thank you for the kind words!

Love your music.

Only minor complaint is an increase in the quality of the sound engineering. Could be a smidgen better, if it were this song would be perfect.

The percussion sounds a little sloppy at times but I think it's only due to the quality of your VST. Otherwise I really enjoyed the percussion to this piece, very well put together. Very "video-game-esque."

Well done.

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Aisnon-A responds:

I agree. The quality and arrangement of the percussion track is completely due to my mastering and equalizing skills, which are evidently mediocre, if not, sub-par. In any case, the affirmation builds a basis for me, and improving is personal value.

Your review and time is appreciated. Thank you for listening. The feedback will help me for future projects.

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It's like a Runescape Emote.

I like the extensive detail on the bra.

Also with matching panties.

Everything else is garbage.

WooleyWorld responds:

It truly is difficult to keep up with the standard of your numerous, high-quality pieces.

Canklea. This is her true name, for her cankles are known across the land.

WooleyWorld responds:

You guys being brutal today.

I compose music as a hobby and I study math and science. My aspiration musically is to make an orchestral score for a video game, my scholarly aspirations are to develop effective models/algorithms. I am also fond of the wristwatch. Feel free to PM.

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